Digital e-Book Borrowing

Maybe you have never tried borrowing digital material because it seemed to cumbersome or you didn't even know you could get free digital books through the library. All you have to have is a valid library card to borrow books from the Ohio Digital Library. In the lecture, we will be looking at borrowing options through the Overdrive App & Libby App for most of the tablets. The Ohio Digital Library has numerous titles in their selection of books, as well as multiple copies of those titles so they are available to our patrons. Not only does the Ohio Digital Library have e-books, but they have audiobooks to borrow as well. Certain stipulations are required to borrow the audiobooks from the Ohio Digital Library. Digital book borrowing numbers have been growing and growing over the past several years and it would be a great resource for someone to be able to get a book while they were on vacation or just traveling.