Friends of the Wapakoneta Library

Who can be a Booster of the Friends of the Wapakoneta Library? 

Give our library a helping hand.

Your booster contribution turns the ordinary into the extraordinary!

Each and every contribution to our Friends of the Wapakoneta Library has strengthened our library. Please become a Booster. Young or old, native or newcomer, we make our library better for you.

The Friends have helped beautify our building, provide outstanding programs for adults and children of all ages, introduce new collections, provide a coffee station at the library, and so much more…

How can you support the library and the Friends’ ongoing quest to give back to the community? Begin by
filling out the attached form to be a contributing Booster and return it to the library.

As a Booster you will also receive pre-sale access to our BIGGEST BOOK SALE EVER!
The Booster Pre-Sale Access will be Thursday, November 3rd. Sign up to be a Booster at the Pre-Sale to gain access. The book sale will be open to the public November 4-5.

***YOUR DONATION IS TAX DEDUCTABLE! We are a 501(C)3 organization.***


Please see the link to the brochure for more information.