Book Clubs

Book clubs

Are You a Reader?
Would you never be caught without a book? Is your TBR list as long as a CVS receipt? Do you always find a way to bring your current book up in conversation with loves ones or total strangers?

If so, we've got you covered.

Join a Club
The Auglaize County Libraries offers many book clubs for readers across the county. Whether you love pie, a night out at a restaurant, or maybe just some good grown-up conversation, we've got a book club for you. Our online event calendar lists all seven of our current book clubs that meet monthly at our local libraries and other businesses around the county. See what each club is reading in the Book Club Booklet linked below. Pick up a print version of the booklet inside your library to also use as a suggested reading list throughout the year. Check off titles as you go.

Host Your Own
You can always host a book club of your own as well. First, decide on a title that might offer you plenty of good conversation. The Library can help you gain access to a ton of titles inside and outside our local library system. Talk to a library staff member about requesting multiple print copies of one book title for you and your friends. Your members may also be able to access the eBook digitally on the Libby or Hoopla apps. Hoopla also provides free resources for patrons in their Book Club Hub for digital book club resources.